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Job Search a Little Foggy?

Sometimes we can't see past what's right in front of us...

Do any of these sound familiar:

1. Post resume on every job board I could find (months ago)

2. Search job listings day after day, even on weekends

3. Sort through endless (and I mean endless) emails in my inbox

4. Delete all the emails that aren't related to the job I want

5. Not getting calls for interviews

If so, it could it be your resume.

There are times when you don’t need to completely scrap your current resume—just a few simple tweaks and updates are needed. But other times, you need a complete rewrite. When you fall in the murky areas between rewriting and updating your resume, you’ll need to be scrupulously honest with yourself. A results-focused, well-formatted résumé takes time to create – whether you go it alone or hire a professional. It makes sense to be prepared; your career and financial future could be at stake!

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